Why we still need business cards

There was much excitement at Step Bak towers this week when our new batch of business cards arrived. They look clean, crisp, and have that fresh from the printer smell.

Our business cards have contact details on the front and business writing tips on the back.
Our business cards have contact details on the front and business writing tips on the back.

But why have we ordered business cards? Aren’t they a little low-tech in this age of digital identities, where you can swap contact details at the swipe of a finger?

Business cards help break the ice

Well, business cards are still an important part of getting business. They are much more than just a collection of your contact details, they are (or should be at any rate) part of your corporate image and help explain who you are and what you do. The physical exchanging of these small rectangles is almost totemic of earlier times when strangers would put aside their shields in a sign of mutual trust, opening up their defences and saying “This is me. Who are you?”.

While this example might seem a bit over the top it is fair to say that swapping business cards is one of the first steps to building a professional relationship.

People like to check out business cards – particularly at the owner’s official work title. This can often spark a conversation itself: “Oh a media distribution officer. What does that entail?”

The look of the card can get people talking too. There are all sorts of weird and wonderful designs out there and the business card can be made of a whole variety of materials – card, cotton, metal,  plastic, some even containing a small memory card with a portfolio on it for example.

There is also the practical consideration that if you are at a networking event, it is an awful lot easier when you’re holding a glass of wine in one hand to put the other hand in your pocket and give someone a card than it is to get out your mobile and have the tricky task of finding your contact details then sending them electronically.

Make them a keeper

At Step Bak Copywriting, we decided to make our cards not only attractive with relevant contact details, but have a wider use too. We have written some short business writing tips on the back to serve as a reminder to anyone who wants to write some corporate text, whether blog post, web page or email. The reasoning behind this is that potential clients are more likely to keep the card, and thus our contact details, for future reference. That’s an important point as research has shown that nearly nine out of 10 business cards are thrown away in less than a week.

So when looking to redo your business cards have a think about the impression you want to make and what sort of response you want from the recipient.

For more advice on creating compelling business cards or any other sort of content contact steve@stepbak.co.uk.

Why we still need business cards

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